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Kitchen Hood & Duct Cleaning

How We Clean Hoods & Ducts

Our goal is to keep your exhaust system fire safe and sanitary without disrupting your busy kitchen schedule.

Watch our YouTube video to see how we clean a kitchen exhaust system from beginning to end.

Pressure Washing a hood system

Pressure Washing a hood system

Centex Pressure Washing Service employs fully trained technicians using professional grade equipment. Our technique combines hot water and high pressure with bio-degradable products to clean your hoods and kitchen exhaust system from top to bottom according to industry standards.  All grease and residue is removed by hand scraping and pressure washing to clean the system down to bare metal as required by The National Fire Protection Association, Code 96. Our cleaning service includes the hoods, the entire duct system, exhaust fans and rooftop, and clean-up of the area.


Each Centex customer receives the same outstanding service:

  • Our fully trained technicians leave your kitchen sparkling clean from top to bottom and ready to go. We never leave a mess.
  • Date stamped before and after pictures of each job are available upon request.
  • An After Service Report keeps you up to date on the status of the hoods and exhaust system and suggests needed repairs.
  • Service Guarantee: Your business and satisfaction is important to us. Call us at 512-396-4511 if there is ever a problem with the quality of  our service.

View photos of the pressure washing process from top to bottom.



Centex gets the job done right!