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Kitchen Hood & Duct Cleaning

Storefronts and other cleaning options

From the storefront to the dumpster pad, Centex can keep your business looking its best and clean as a whistle inside and out.  In addition to cleaning your exhaust system, our company also washes deep fryers, stoves, walk-in coolers, pizza ovens, bakery ovens, ceiling tiles, walls, floors and tile.  Exterior services include rust, gum,  and graffiti removal, washing of concrete surfaces like drive thru’s, dumpster pads, walkways, patios, awnings, signs, and storefronts, etc.  We offer a customized approach to meet your every need.

Get a free estimate today. Our experienced staff will come by to look at your layout and answer all your questions with no obligation. We can provide a customized approach to meet your every maintenance need.


Centex gets the job done right!