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Kitchen Hood & Duct Cleaning

Regular Cleaning Saves You Money

As any restaurant owner or kitchen manager knows, the key to making money is a well run kitchen that hums along during any rush.  Our goal is to keep your exhaust system fire safe and sanitary without disrupting your busy kitchen schedule.  To do that, we recommend that your exhaust system is cleaned on a regular schedule to make sure your business makes money at every opportunity.

  • Have you tried other pressure washing companies only to find that they didn’t show up as scheduled, wasting your valuable time?
  • Did they leave a big mess in your kitchen, leaving your staff to clean it up before a busy shift?
  • Did you find out later that they didn’t clean the whole system from top to bottom, exposing your staff and customers to the risk of a dangerous kitchen fire?

Watch our You Tube video to see how we clean your commercial kitchen exhaust system.

Your kitchen exhaust system can operate safely at top efficiency day in and day out. Regular maintenance keeps your valuable kitchen equipment in top shape and the cooking line humming along without a hitch. You can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your hood and duct system is fire safe and sanitary, operating at top efficiency, and regularly inspected from top to bottom by knowledgeable professionals who are committed to the highest standards in the pressure washing industry, making you more money in the long run and protecting your investment in your business.

Plus, you get the added benefit of our vast experience in the pressure washing industry.  Centex President, Michael Tessaro, brings 30+ years of power washing knowledge to the table that can’t be beat.  Let us go to work for you today!

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How We Do It

Watch the video to see before and after pictures. 


Centex gets the job done right!