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Grease Filter Exchange Program

How it works: At each service visit, we exchange the dirty filters for a clean set of filters. No handling of filters is required on your part and all cleaning of the filters is done off-site in our state-of-the-art soaking tanks.
  • Grease  Filter Exchange Program for Centex Pressure Washing Service in San Marcos, TX
  • Grease  Filter Exchange Program for Centex Pressure Washing Service in San Marcos, TX

Our filter exchange program saves you from dangerous grease build-up and potential flash fires, but it also protects you from the hazards associated with cleaning your filter.

Why should you book a commercial cleaning service? Here are just a few reasons:

1) It's more affordable than you think.
2) It's more convenient than doing it yourself. Cleaning your own filters can be time-consuming and difficult.
3) It's better for the environment - Cleaning filters outside is unsanitary and letting greasy waste water run off property is a EPA violation.
3) We only use premium NFPA 96- and UL-approved, stainless steel filters for your restaurant’s needs.
4) Save time and money - Unless you’re using the right combination of chemicals, there’s no way to clean the inside of a filter. Let Centex Filter Exchange professionally clean your filters.

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    Top integrity!

    Step Brother #384 Andrew Morgan Home Owner
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    Amazing results! Our home looks like it has a new roof and new paint. The crew was very professional! They removed harmful algae from the roof and cleaned mold from the siding and roof vents. I highly recommend their services. They are very knowledgeable.

    Denise Hamm Home Owner
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    Averic Watkins Home Owner

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