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How it works: At each service visit, we exchange the dirty filters for a clean set of filters. No handling of filters is required on your part and all cleaning of the filters is done off-site in our state-of-the-art soaking tanks.
  • Grease  Filter Exchange Program for Centex Pressure Washing Service in San Marcos, TX
  • Grease  Filter Exchange Program for Centex Pressure Washing Service in San Marcos, TX

Our filter exchange program saves you from dangerous grease build-up and potential flash fires, but it also protects you from the hazards associated with cleaning your filter.

Why should you book a commercial cleaning service? Here are just a few reasons:

1) It's more affordable than you think.
2) It's more convenient than doing it yourself. Cleaning your own filters can be time-consuming and difficult.
3) It's better for the environment - Cleaning filters outside is unsanitary and letting greasy waste water run off property is a EPA violation.
3) We only use premium NFPA 96- and UL-approved, stainless steel filters for your restaurant’s needs.
4) Save time and money - Unless you’re using the right combination of chemicals, there’s no way to clean the inside of a filter. Let Centex Filter Exchange professionally clean your filters.

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    Chris Cartwright Home Owner
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    Averic Watkins Home Owner
  • out of 5 stars

    I used this service 4-5 years ago with excellent results. Therefore, they were the one's to use for today's job. My home and 40x60 ft garage look like new. Courteous, professional, extra care with outside plants/shrubs, and reasonable prices. I highly recommend them.

    Terry Clevinger San Marcos, TX

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